Correct and Quick Arithmetic

Correct and Quick Arithmetic was developed for everyone who would like to train and maintain the basic processes of arithmetic.

In this app you will find exercises with addition and subtraction sums up to 100, and the multiplication and division tables up to and including 10. These are the foundations needed for arithmetic. The table of 0 has been added to make children more aware of the number 0.


The ultimate goal is to do sums (addition and subtraction up to 20), and tables through 10 with a very short time limit (within 2 seconds) resulting in answers to be memorised in the human brain.

For sums up to 100, the way to work them out is automated. The threading method is the best way: 28+13 = 28+10+3 = 38+2+1 = 40+1 = 41

Asterisks indicate the level of difficulty.

For whom is the app intended?

The sums in the app deal with lesson material appropriate for primary school children aged between roughly 6 and 9 years. They need to remember this lesson material throughout their entire primary school time!

In addition, this app is eminently suitable for secondary school pupils who did not practise these basic calculations enough or who have since forgotten them.

The app has also proven itself to be extremely useful as an aid in remedial teaching and as a 'remedy' for dyscalculia. For most children who may have dyscalculia, good mental arithmetic education can help to overcome their arithmetic problems!


The structure in the app of the levels of mental arithmetic


Addition and Subtraction to 10


Addition and Subtraction to 20


Addition and Subtraction to 100


Multiplications tables from 0 to 5 and 10  


Multiplications tables from 6 to 9


Division Tables from 1 to 5 and 10


Division Tables from 6 to 9


There is a separate screen for each kind of sum
What is the best way to use the app?
First start to practice without timing yourself.
In practice mode (X), the correct answer appears after a wrong answer. Wrongly answered sums are always repeated.
Only when this goes well will you be able to start training at speed.

So first CORRECT and only then QUICK!

Stick to the running order of the sums in the app!
Itís very important to stick to the running order. Practise the sums up to 10 until you can do them all well, and most importantly, fast! These are the most important sums in mental arithmetic!! Thatís because you need these sums in order to be able to do the next sums. Knowing these sums will make the next ones easier to master.
Itís better to spend more time working on learning one kind of sum well before moving on to the next kind!

Practise the tables smartly using the tables button
When practising the tables, itís important to do it as smartly as possible. The tables button is designed to help you with that. The tables button is only active when you are going to practise tables! See the example button to the left:

Practice table in order

Practice table at random

Practice table reversed


Practice option for multiply/divide

Practise everything in one table: the 2 times table, the 2 times table back to front, and then divided by 2. This will make the relationship between these tables clearer. Try it for yourself!


Practise extra hard on sums of type 6, 7, 8 and 9*.
The tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9* difficult are the 16 most difficult tables sums. Practise these sums extra carefully, mixing them up back to front and as a part of a table!





















What is the reward?

After a series of sums, a smiley will show how many you got right and how many wrong.

The more sums you get right, the happier the smiley is!

Ultimately, the reward is realising just how good it is to be able to do these calculations quickly and correctly. You'll find that the arithmetic that comes later will also go better and more quickly because of it!

App Correct and Quick Arithmetic


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This app was designed by:

Marleen Breuking

didactics + design

Manus Breuking

technics + design

Joop Daemen



©M&M Breuking 


Have fun, and good luck with Correct and Quick Arithmetic!